The topic of God is always a touchy subject. So many people use the name and the
power in vain. Having grown up in church I can say for sure it’s not something
to play with or straddle the fence on.  I encourage anyone if you don’t have a relationship with God you need one. However it’s not my job to sell you on God. He is not a product to be bought, because he is irreplaceable. He won’t expire or go bad. All I can do is
tell you my experiences and what I know for myself. I want to share one
experience I had that was a turning point in my walk with God. I had moved to
Atlanta with my then fiancé. We were expecting our second child-our son. I was
about 6 months pregnant; we hadn’t even been there a full year yet. We had just
moved into our own place and in every way, were starting over. A new city, a new
chapter in our relationship- we were supposed to be moving forward. 
I soon discovered that he had been cheating yet again and had gotten
another woman pregnant. He wasn’t coming home anymore, I was in a new city where
I didn’t know anyone and all I had were me and my daughter, and my son I was
carrying. One night as I was sitting on the floor in pain from stress and not
eating right and not being able to reach him, I felt a heavy presence come over
me and I began to cut my wrist. Almost as soon as the blood started to drip I
heard someone say- as clear as if someone where standing next to me- NO! In that
same instance a calming presence came over me but I also began to cry because I
knew in that moment it was God. 

Some people may interpret that differently and come up with their own explanation for
what that was. All I know is what I believe and what I know in my heart to be
true.  At the end of the day that’s all I can go on. God is for every person to come to and know for themselves. He is not a tool or a scare tactic for people to use to make you give them money or live a certain way. I don’t even believe that it’s something that you have to go around talking about. I believe that it’s something that should be seen inside
you; in your actions and the way you treat and interact with others. Then when
someone asks you, you can say “Let me tell you about him” Do what works for you.
At the end of the day we all will have to die one day and only then will we know
without any doubt whether any of it’s real or not anyways. For now it’s called faith.



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