I have a firm stance on the issue of having passwords to your mate’s
social media accounts and or cell phone. YOU DON’T NEED THEM! Coming from a
relationship where I was an open book but my significant other was locked
tighter than virgin legs, I don’t believe secrets have any place in a
relationship. If you have to keep things like social media accounts and even
text messages so secret, then to me it means you have something to hide. When
you’re in a relationship, there should be nothing that someone of the opposite
sex says to you that they can’t say too, or in front of your spouse. With that
need to constantly check up on your spouse and they haven’t given you any
reason to not trust them, then you might want to consider being single. Even if
they do have some ratchet heffa or knucklehead trying to get at them via social
networks, it’s their responsibility to check that. NOT YOURS. If they feed into
or let it go on, then you really might want to consider being single because
you might have a potential cheater on your hands. Just remember as tempting as
it is to air your dirty laundry on social networking, it’s not cute.  There will always be that one person waiting to see cracks in your foundation so they can sneak in, don’t give them the satisfaction.  If your spouse has given you reason to be concerned then sit down and discuss it at home, voice
your frustrations and try to reach an understanding. If passwords to Facebook
and lock codes on cell phones leads to the end of your relationship, it was
probably a bigger issue underneath anyway that wasn’t being discussed. 
Just my opinion, what do you guys think??

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    Author- Cassandra

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    October 2013