Just like everything else in our culture we have developed an Ebonics meaning for
everything including the parent of our children. “Baby momma” used to just be
the mother of your child. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, now in my opinion
it has become that- at least in the hood any way. Some people can still say it
with all the love and respect in the world. Fantasia even made a song about it.
I guess it depends on the situation of the person using the words, and how they
feel about the other parent. In most cases, baby momma/daddy is used in the text
of “I have a child with this person, but we are not on good terms” Saying
someone is the mother or father of your child to me means that, even though you
are not together you have love and respect for this person; and you are choosing
to work together to make sure the child comes first. Some can argue that this is
a “mature vs. hood” way of describing someone you have a child with. So my
question is- are we over thinking this? Is calling someone your baby momma or
daddy vs. the mother/father of your child just words, or are there really bad
and good stigmas associated with these titles?  


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    Author- Cassandra

    Thank you for reading. These are my personal opinions and in no way are directed at any one person..


    October 2013