So, nowadays this is a very popular and controversial topic. Do we, or do we not discipline our children in public places? If we remember back in the day, at least for me concerning my mother, this wasn't even a question. If I acted up in public then I could guarantee to get my tale beat in public. The problem now is there are so many laws forbidding this. My personal stand on this matter is yes, discipline them bad kids in public. If you don't get after them that gives them the idea that they can continue to act a fool. For the bystanders, they look at you crazy if your child is acting a fool but then want to yell "child abuse" because you tag your child. Don't get me wrong. I'm in no way saying that you should punch your child or drag them through the store. That would be abuse. But if my child touches the cereal on the aisle when I told her not too and she knocks it down, I'm going to hit her hand. As we grow into adults we have consequences for our actions. The best way to teach this concept is to teach this at a younger age. Now all kids don't require a beaten or to be tagged. I've actually picked up a new habit of administering army like training with my kids as opposed to physically punishing them. To be honest my kids would prefer a butt spanking rather than the exercise called "The Chair" which is usually my exercise of choice. So tell me your opinions. What's an appropriate form of discipline both in public and in private. And do we administer that form of punishment in public? Or do we wait until we get home?
10/14/2013 00:51:10

what's the 'chair' ?!

11/6/2013 20:31:48

The "Chair" is when you get up against the wall in the chair position like you are sitting but there is no actual chair.


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