Let's talk about income tax ballers!!!! Ok an income tax baller is someone who
fronts to have money only around tax time they start killing your Facebook feeds
with post and pics holding up stacks of money LOL.... They are talking about the
latest clubs they will be visiting just for that one time because they are only
balling at income tax time..... During income tax time its a time to if you have
something interesting to invest in start a hobby or catch up things people get
income tax and buy shoes they don't need that they know they could have paid
their other bills with then once its gone your complaining that you ain't got
money for bills.. Or the guys trying to floss and you do not have a car (females
too) instead of blowing it on stuff you do not need invest in that car so your
not walking the rest of the year.. Some brag that they have money knowing that
people know that in all 2012, 2011 and so on you never have anything until
January or February come along NOT COOL!!! Get a job tax time is once a year
guys we gotta do better, I'm telling you check Facebook around tax time and
watch how many people start posting cash and talking about what they normally
can't do.... It is absolutely hilarious to me I was thinking about this on my
way to taking my little ones to school how funny it is and how annoying it gets
and we are coming up on that time again LOL...


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    October 2013