I have three beautiful children so this topic is very important to me. If there is one thing I hate, it is when I see a mother of a child walking out like she stepped out of the mall and the styling salon with a new fit and hairdo and her little rugrats look like they just stepped out of bed. Your child is a direct reflection of you as a parent and if you are going to make sure you look like diamonds and gold please don't have your child looking like BoBo the clown. I agree that kids get dirty and mess up there appearance when out to play but it is clear when there was no attempt to style the child's hair or assist with their clothing. Priorities should be your children then yourself. I think some parents with this problem spend so much time getting themselves together that they leave little time left to get their child together. This also includes time spent at home with your children learning and teaching and not remaining self absorbed. I have ran into a lot of children at my kids school that have parents that don't make time to teach and work with their children at home. I understand the teachers job is to teach but learning starts in the home. It is hard for a teacher to spend one on one time with each child so it is imperative for parents to spend this quality time with their children. Speak your mind. 


10/14/2013 7:54am

well said dear!


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