Miley Cyrus is the former Disney Channel's "Hannah Montana." Currently her name has been in huge circulation in the media for her lack of clothing in videos and magazine spreads. She is also in the news big for her relationship ending with Liam and her VMA performance with Robin Thicke. Although I believe to many extents that some of her actions are inappropriate, I also believe in a sense she knows exactly what she is doing and is creating media for herself. I believe Miley gets such huge reviews concerning her new found appearance because we all know her as the child star "Hannah Montana." I think what media has to realize is that Miley was a child and is now an adult so it is expected for her to act as such. Am I saying that butt naked videos and photos is appropriate? No. But I am saying that she isn't the only "adult" celebrity doing this. Lady Gaga, for example has very risky videos as well. I think because we didn't watch Lady Gaga grow up it makes it more expectable for her to do these types of actions in her videos and media. So in a sense, I'm not seeing what the big deal is with Miley if we are not discussing all other celebrities that do the same thing that we apparently welcome with open arms. Open to discuss.

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    October 2013