The single life isn't always what it is cracked up to be. I mean yeah, I don't have to answer to anyone or cater to any one's feelings or have permission to go out, etc.... Little things like that makes it nice and having the capability to meet all types of new people. But being single truly does have it's draw backs. The worst seasons to be single are Autumn and Winter. It's cold outside and it holiday season. Everyone is getting together with their partner to cuddle and exchange gifts and as a single being I'm sitting at home by my tree sipping Moscato. As fun and interesting as that may sound... Eh, it really isn't. Now I'm a loner so I'm not much of a people person and being single has introduced me to some of the most interesting people. (Not always in a good way.) I'm met compulsive exaggerators (a nice way of saying liars), stalkers, paranoids, sex crazed fanatics, potential sugar daddies, young men looking for cougars, bipolars, and so much more. I mean the list actually goes on and on from there. And honestly if you got to hear some of my stories over the past 3 years I have truly met them all! I'm honestly to a point that I am skeptical to waist my time going on a date if we haven't gotten a chance to sit and chat first. So this is the kind of stuff single women and men have to look forward too because I know some women are crazy too. Does this sound fun? Interesting maybe but definitely not fun. Funny maybe but again not fun. Yeah a relationship is a lot of work and I'll be the fist to tell you that I will only put up with so much but if you are giving it your all and your other half is giving it their all it is worth it to stay in it because trust me when I say it is a JUNGLE out here! Literally!


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    October 2013