The question is "Do we share our passwords with our mate in order to avoid suspicion and conflict?" I have two different takes on this topic. I feel that once you have been in a relationship for an extended period of time that there should be no reason that your mate cannot know your passwords to your cellular device and online accounts. I feel that if there is nothing to hide then why are you making those things private from your mate? Does this mean that your mate doesn't trust you or should find every opportunity to snoop through your accounts and your cell phone? No, by all means that should not happen. But what if for some emergency reason your mate needs to get into your phone while your not around. I know what your thinking "What possible emergency could happen that he/she would need my phone?" Imagine this. You are both in the car together and you get into an accident and your knocked out by the crash. Your mates phone is dead. True, you do not need to unlock the phone to call emergency but after calling emergency and waiting for them to arrive your mate could call both your parents in the mean time to make them aware of the accident that way they don't see it on the news and panic and also know to meet you at the hospital. Yeah that may be kind of far fetched, but things could happen. What if your mate wants to throw you a surprise party? He/She may need your contacts to invite all of you friends either out of your cell phone or off Facebook. And last going right back to my first initial point, if there is nothing to hide then why is it a secret. Save the drama and the unneeded suspicion and just share that information with each other. In a committed relationship there is no privacy from one another. If you want that privacy then enjoy the single life.

On the other side of this, having your mates password doesn't give you the right to find every opportunity to snoop. If you feel the need to constantly test your mates trust then you probably shouldn't be with them. No body wants to feel like they are always being checked up on. Especially if they are not giving you any solid reason for the loss of trust. If you have an overly paranoid personality then you probably don't need the account passwords because your going to cause unnecessary conflict unless he/she has given you a reason to be suspicious.

Let's remember if you cheated recently and your mate forgave you, they still haven't forgot so it is your duty to supply all of the necessary documentation to make that person feel comfortable with your choices. You should be monitored, at least for a little while, for your mates comfort.

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    October 2013