The name alone sparks a lot of mixed feelings. I watched with everyone else around
the world as she showed her ass- what little she has on the 2013 VMA’s. As
someone who was forced to watch her Disney Chanel Show; Hannah Montana over and
over and over again, I feels as though I have really watched her grow up. Here
is why I am divided on this issue of Miley. First, as I said I watched her on
Disney. We all know it’s hard to evolve out of the cookie cutter Disney image.
Once you’re out of that stage you want to show people that you can be more grown
up and take more risks. You are trying to find out who you are, discovering your
sexuality, I get it! However, just because you have outgrown Disney doesn’t mean
all those fans have outgrown you. To my 8 year old daughter she was still Hannah
Montana, until that VMA performance. My daughter looked at me and said “she is
not Hannah Montana anymore!” We all go through rebellious stages, and no Miley
doesn’t have to answer to anyone. She is a grown woman and free to do as she
pleases. However, I do think that these celebrities need to realize that even
though ultimately we as parent are responsible for monitoring what our kids are
exposed too, we can’t be everywhere.  With access to the internet and social media taking over; they have to be mindful of what they are using their voice and platforms to condone and glorify. I agreed with Jamie Foxx when he said she would end up on a stripper pole, and as it turns out he was right! I think he got in so much trouble for it because of her age at the time; but let’s be honest we ALL saw it coming he was just bold enough to say it. In the end I do believe it’s a phase it will pass, as long as she doesn’t end up on the Lindsey Lohan train. Let that girl live and learn, just like the rest of us had
too. The only difference between her and us is she is making her mistakes on a
worldwide stage so everyone is judging.



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    October 2013